evolvy WORKSHOP organizes events, training, and workshops about natural cosmetics and aromatherapy.

evolvy WORKSHOP is a workshop, training, and counseling business which targets naturally and environmentally conscious customer segments. 

evolvy WORKSHOP aims to encourage and train people to make their own natural cosmetics at home with practical, accessible, safe, and effective prescriptions. 

In workshops, attendants make their face and eye serum, toner, cleanser, hair care serum, lotion bar, lip balm, face or body scrubs, deodorants, and many other products. 

In my workshops, attendants prepare completely natural cosmetic products with their own hands and for their skin types. Content selection, weighting, mixing, packaging, and labeling are all attendants tasks. At the end of the workshop, they return their home with full of knowledge, practice, and the products that the attendants made with their own hands. 

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Enjoy !