About me

Hi! My name is Evrim. Let me share my story in a few phrases! I am a pharmacist (nearly with more than 20 years of experience, time flies)! I try to do my best to contribute our world as much as I can by creating mindful content via products which is full of natural, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients! With this ethos in mind, I developed my own natural skincare brand in Istanbul, Evolvy Cosmo Lab and since I moved to St Alban's nearly two years ago, my journey continues with evolvy DIY Skincare! So here is the summary of my journey from Istanbul to St Albans! 



If you would like to find out more about me and my brand's journey, here is the long version as below! 


I graduated from Istanbul University's Faculty of Pharmacy in 2000.

Following my son's birth in 2013, I started researching how one could live more naturally and respect the planet as every conscious mother does. After pregnancy, my Hashimoto thyroiditis, which I had suffered for many years, began to affect me more in a negative way. After I was diagnosed with Rosacea, a skin disease, I started to prepare natural skincare products for myself in my pharmacy serving my own needs only. This was not very difficult for me because I learned all the information needed in individual courses I took at the pharmacy faculty. All I had to do was to put this information together and interpret it.

In my profession's seventeenth year, based on the education I received and my love for my profession; I chose to profess a dominant job besides R&D, innovation, production, and coaching. Having worked as a pharmacist for many years in the field of public health and benefit has been a great advantage for me when starting such a business.

I decided to establish Cosmo Lab Istanbul in 2017 immediately after I received my Aromatherapy training.


Cosmo Lab is a name dedicated to intensive chemistry, botanical and medical education at university. Cosmo Lab is an acronym for pharmacy faculty students to briefly explain the application laboratory of the cosmetology course.


On the one hand, Cosmo Lab represents local production, beauty, health, power of women in business life, compassion and organizational skills. This company name, which I attributed to my university years, continues to operate like a school that never closes its doors. Besides producing cosmetic products, I have been organizing training, workshops and webinars on natural cosmetics and aromatherapy applications for professionals and enthusiasts for three years within our company.

"Evolvy", which has been added to our name for the last year, is actually a reference made to my own name, which I love and think I possess. I decided to make this addition by modifying the English equivalent of my name, which means change and evolution. Because it is a very happy feeling to believe in the positive changes that I want you to create while formulating my products.


I design all of my products theoretically and then put them into practice after many trials. I design all of the formulations with the highest-quality ingredients from the essence of nature. I manage the safety assessments myself and with the expert staff in our company.

I know the skin well. I know what will be good for it. I never compromise on the safety principle when designing effective products.


Welcome to our community, I hope you enjoy your Cosmo Lab journey as much as I do!