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Evolvy Levander natural deodorant balm is a soothing and protective. Perfect for all-day odor protection. Leave underarms feeling soothed and cared for!

Blended with nourishing organic coconut oil, zinc oxide, kaolin clay, and sodium bicarbonate to help absorb moisture and reduce sweating. Plastic-free, natural deodorant formulated for long-lasting freshness.

Plant-based wax for a cruelty-free perspırant. The base of this deodorant is candelilla wax in place of organic beeswax so it is 100% suitable for vegans.

There's no need to use plastic packaged products to avoid your armpits smelling. Evolvy deodorants come in a 100% biodegradable paperboard push-up tube!

Natural Deo is made with 100% natural ingredients to formulate to keep you fresh and odorless throughout the day!

Free of parabens, silicones, PEGs, SLS, SLES, and mineral oils. Vegan and cruelty-free. 

Manufactured under GMP conditions.


Evolvy products contain a high concentration of actives, so only a small amount is required per use.


Deodorant ingredients have been a hot topic lately. Our indispensable care product, especially on summer days is deodorant. There are many options for deodorant products. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to having so many options. Therefore, attention should be paid to the choice of deodorant and good research should be done while buying deodorant.

Every day, more clean and more transparent ingredients began to stand out in personal care products. Like many other products, we have started to see deodorants on the shelves with cleaner ingredients that do not contain aluminum. We all deserve to take better care of our skin by using natural deodorants. We can say that Natural Deo - Natural Deodorant comes into play at this point. Natural Deo - Natural Deodorant prevents the growth of bacteria that cause bad odor in our body and provides protection for up to thirty-six hours. It also promises to neutralize the smell of sweat by absorbing moisture in a natural way. It is very important for a deodorant to provide up to thirty-six hours of protection. Deodorants, which are one of the biggest saviors in the summer heat, are sufficient and satisfying factors to be preferred because they can prevent the smell of sweat for a long time and provide protection.


Use: For underarm use. Sucient amount of the product is applied to the clean and dry armpit by pushing from the bottom of the box with your finger. Wait for a while for the skin to absorb. It is recommended to apply once a day. It can be used twice a day when
there is an increase in temperature and physical activity.



  • Coconut Oil,
  • Sodium Bicarbonate,
  • Kaolin Clay,
  • Candelila Wax,
  • Zinc Oxide,
  • Pure Vitamin E,
  • Lavender Essential Oil


In the dermatological test study performed on volunteers, it was reported to be dermatologically appropriate. Dermatologically tested.


 Natural Deo
 Odor  Lavender notes
 Packaging  30 cc White Push-up Paper Tube
 Volume   30 ml
 Colour  Grey
 Texture  Intense creamy consistency